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Fatoumata Diawara Live at Jazz à la Villette in 4K

Having become in less than ten years one of the great voices of modern Africa, the Malian singer, author and composer Fatoumata Diawara radiates a communicative energy on stage.
If Fatoumata Diawara first became known through her work as an actress, she has become – in a little over ten years – one of the most important voices of modern Africa. Through her collaborations, first of all, which draw the map of a world curious about traditions but determined to root them in the present and even the future. We have seen her alongside Mulatu Astatké, Oumou Sangaré, Hindi Zahra (in 2017 at Jazz à la Villette), Herbie Hancock, Matthieu Chédid or Damon Albarn, with his projects Gorillaz or Rocket Juice and the Moon. Above all, with her two albums, and notably her recent Fenfo in 2018, she combines with great fluidity the sounds of traditional instruments (kora, kamalé n’goni) with a modern approach to production, through songs interpreted in Bambara, which look towards the blues as well as funk or Afro-pop.


Genre: Jazz, World
Shooting date: September 13, 2020
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 75′
Format: 4K, HD

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Ibrahim Maalouf Live in the Arena of Nîmes, in 4K

Born in Beirut in 1980, Ibrahim Maalouf is rewarded in France with 4 “Victoires de la Musique”, a “César” and a “Prix Lumières” for best film music in 2016. In Germany, he received an “Echo Jazz”.
His work of mixing genres has been recognized around the world for more than 10 years.
Filling the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, doing sold-out concerts at the Lincon Jazz Center in New York, and traveling through more than 40 countries around the world in the last 10 years, he became the first jazzman in history to fill the largest concert hall in France, at Bercy, selling out more than 8 months in advance.
Qualified as a “virtuoso” by the New York Times, he performed in an exceptional concert in collaboration with The New Levant Initiative, at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, for the world premiere of his album “Levantine Symphony No.1”.

In September 2020, Ibrahim Maalouf will exclusively offer the music from his next album – to be released next November – during an exceptional concert behind the closed doors of the Arena of Nîmes. He returns to the elementary form of the duo, with the guitarist who has accompanied him for over 10 years, François Delporte. The exercise is perilous. No rhythm section, no orchestra, no electronic effects: just the elementary conversation of two melodic lines for an intimate concert in an immense space.

A few guests will join the duo…

This performance is a rendezvous with history: the Arenas of Nîmes, built at the end of the 1st century AD, are one of the best preserved Roman constructions in the world. To walk in these arenas is to walk in 1900 years of history, to breathe the air of another civilization.


Genre: Jazz, Pop, World
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 75′
Format: 4K, HD

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Rokia Traoré at the UNESCO House, Paris 2020

Rokia Traoré has one of the most beautiful voices in Mali. This exceptional status allows this committed artist to spread her humanist ideals and griot tradition throughout the world. We meet the singer again at UNESCO House for a concert that takes us to the heart of the Mandingo country. The Malian artist takes this opportunity to present a concert called “Mandeka Classics”.
Flanked by Samba Diabaté (guitar), Habib Sangaré (bolon), Mamah Diabaté (n’goni) and Joel Massa Diarra (balafon), Rokia Traoré covers the most beautiful mandeka songs, these works which retranscribe in music the history of the Mandinka Empire. Great classics and popular hits find here their purest form. Rokia Traoré and her musicians go back to the origin of each work to put it back in its historical and artistic context.

Genre: World
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 49′
Format: HD

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Forte 2019

Forte is an ensemble cast documentary, directed by David Donnelly (Maestro, 2015), that challenges the popular and perhaps somewhat outdated notions of success in classical music through a fast-paced narrative of three female artists. A young Norwegian violinist on the brink of stardom, a former Russian-born prodigy reinventing her career in the US as she brings music back into schools in underprivileged communities, and a first-generation American from Argentina, whose creative process of composing a film soundtrack is documented and exposed in an unprecedented way. Three different stories, backgrounds, and personalities. One thing in common: strength.

Forte stars Tatiana Berman, Lucía Caruso, and Eldbjørg Hemsing. The film also features appearances from some of the most recognizable names in classical music including Tan Dun, Paavo Järvi and JoAnn Falletta.

Forte is written and directed by David Donnelly, founder of Culture Monster and director of the acclaimed, international hit documentary Maestro. It is produced by David Donnelly and Anastasia Boudanoque, founder of Primavera Consulting. Executive Producer is Roland Göhde of the Göhde Foundation.

Filming Locations Sintra, Portugal; Cincinnati, Ohio; Paris, France; London, England; New York, New York; Rhinecliff, NY; Mendoza, Argentina; Aurdal/Oslo, Norway; Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany; St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.

Production Partners: Constella Productions, Culture Monster, Primavera Consulting

This film was made possible with the generous support of the Göhde Foundation, Sorel Organization and Dextra Musica Foundation.

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Nordic Pulse with Kristjan Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic 2019

Nordic Pulse follows Kristjan Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic on three European tours as they fulfill their destiny to become the first orchestra in history to perform Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite by memory and push the boundaries of what it means to be an orchestra.

Where do we find hope in a world that seems to be endlessly repeating its mistakes? Visionary leader Kristjan Järvi believes the answer lies in the creation of an awareness of the possibilities within oneself. In the unique musical world of creations, he takes an orchestra along into the journey of creating the impossible. A hub of trust, creativity and self- empowerment, in a group of individuals from different nations, conflicted countries, different beliefs and values, side by side, united by the shared experience of creation.

Nordic Pulse documents the ambitious dreams of Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic as they embark on a historical journey that poses the question: Can an orchestra be more than an orchestra? What results is an examination of fear, trust, possibility, empowerment, and the revelation that our real potential lies in creation itself.

Director: David Donnelly
Duration: 61 minutes
Production: Culture Monster, Sunbeam Productions
Format: HD

Filming Locations: Merano, Italy; Visby, Sweden; Germany: Berlin, Wittenberg, Hattingen, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Usedom; Denmark: Aarhus, Copenhagen; Estonia: Narva, Tallinn.

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The 1975 live at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2019 in 4K

Formed in 2002, the alternative rock band led by Matthew Healy has become a leading figure in England’s indie rock scene. Navigating easily between electro, pop, hip-hop and folk, as well as jazz, its 3rd opus, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” won the prize for “Best British Album” at the 39th Brit Awards ceremony in London in 2019. Performing at the Pitchfork in Paris, giving a taste of the future “Notes On a Conditional Form” to be released in February 2020, on which the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg appears.

Genre: Pop / Rock
Duration: 70 minutes
Format: 4K
Director: Benoît Toulemonde

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