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Béjart Ballet Lausanne “Ballet for Life”


Using Mozart’s arias and Queen’s greatest hits, Maurice Béjart wanted to create an incredible culture shock: the question of desire and love in the age of AIDS, the shadow of death at the height of a vital act…

From the opening, the emotion and nostalgia are there, the dancers lying in their white shroud come to life on the song “This Is A Beautiful Day”, and carry us away to the sound of Freddie Mercury’s unique voice, to which they really give life. The 37 dancers who share the stage, dressed in Gianni Versace’s costumes, give us a wild performance of Béjart’s choreography.

Genre: Choreography
Duration: 108′
Format: HD, 4K

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Ballaké Sissoko & the Kora

This film will take us on an intense musical and cultural journey with the musician Ballake Sissoko. In Mali, Gambia, Senegal and France where he lives, we will follow him closely to discover his career and his favorite instrument, the kora. By accompanying him in his life as an artist, we will draw up a portrait of the man as he is, and tell the story of his instrument, from its origin to our days.



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Passengers is an ongoing series with exceptional electro/pop shows filmed in locations of travel and culture: “these are places of transit, places of travel… they are the starting point of an escape, of the body or the spirit.”

Locations: Airports, houseboats, Museums, etc.

With :
Leonie Pernet
Mount Kimbie
Nicolas Godin
Kid Fracescoli
Circle of Live
Buvette, Murman Tsuladze, Saint DX
AMP Fiddler

Genre: Electro/Pop
Duration: 12×52′

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Carolyn Carlson, Dare to risk – available for coproduction

In production – available for coproduction and prebuy
Genre: Choreography / Documentary

Duration: 52′

Carolyn Carlson today finds herself at a major turning point in her career. Damian Pettigrew has succeeded in filming her on a daily basis over the past nine years. Today, this ambitious project presents the rare opportunity to make a film that retraces her life and work.

The documentary is a chronicle of the creative process: the great choreographer gives us unprecedented access to her work, her projects in process and her personal archives. The carefully selected archival images covering the past forty years reveal the influence her life has had on the complex, imaginative pieces she has created. With a mixture of intimate rehearsal sequences and numerous dazzling dance sequences, the film offers a critical perspective on an extraordinary career in order to provide the viewer with a better understanding of this multi-faceted woman.

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ITMAHRAG by Olivier Dubois.

In production – available for coproduction and prebuy
Genre: Choreography

Olivier Dubois brings to the stage the Mahraganat, music of revolt born in Cairo during the Arab Spring in 2011. Olivier Dubois’ performance magnifies the young Egyptian talents of this new electro-rock genre and tells the overexcited daily life of the young Arab generation.

Duration: 75′

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“Mellizo Doble” by Israel Galvan and Niño de Elche

In production – available for coproduction and prebuy
Genre: Choreography, Flamenco

“Mellizo Doble” offers its two protagonists the most convincing freedom. What Anglo-Saxons call, in French, a “folie à deux”. Two sacred monsters. Their project is to touch the essence of flamenco, its music, its movement, to go to the heart of this intimate, free and singular art for a new beginning. It is about breaking with the imagination, to propose a flamenco “from the origins”. As as soon as we try to translate a tradition it is betrayed, we have to find support in a canonical research to reconstruct it in a brand new perspective, breaking with the institution of flamenco.

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