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Connexions is a documentary series that highlights the intimate relationship of an electronic music producer with airports, at night. The filming takes place in the terminals of Parisian airports.



A DJ lives at 130 beats per minute, his rhythm is dense, split and solitary at the same time. In the early morning, a trance-like audience cheers him on in a Berlin basement. Four hours by plane and a nap later, Israeli dancers are stomping their feet on a Tel Aviv beach waiting for him. These crowd baths are the submerged face of the iceberg, they make many fans dream. But these intense moments last only a brief moment, an hour or two…
Then the solitude returns at a gallop. Unlike a rock band, DJs travel between concerts alone. How do these DJs or electronic music producers use this time? Are air travels a source of inspiration? Does the excitement of an airport or its architecture make them creative? Is the airport a necessary zone of anonymity? How can we ultimately exploit these huge transit zones? Are they compatible with fatigue and jetlag?


Artists approached
Maud Geffray
Laurent Garnier
Para One
Deena Abdelwahed
Manu Le Malin

Genre: Electro

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Tribute to Carolyn Carlson

In Production – Available for prebuy
Can be paired with a portrait documentary on Carolyn Carlson.

Genre: Contemporary Dance
Format: HD

A unique evening programmed and orchestrated by choreographer and dancer Carolyn Carlson, which will in a way conclude the career of this key figure in contemporary dance. She will close the evening with PROLOGUE.


– THE SEVEN’TH MAN: creation 2019. Performer: Riccardo Meneghini (Carlson company). Live music: Guillaume Perret, saxophone.
– IT’S ALLRIGHT: creation for 3 dancers of Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower
– WIND WOMEN: sublime adaptation of the solo for 14 dancers of CANNES JEUNE BALLET.
– MANDALA, creation 2010. Performer: Sara Orselli (Carlson company).
– PROLOGUE in the form of Epilogue: CAROLYN CARLSON herself + Guillaume PERRET (live saxophone)

With a hundred pieces to her credit, Carolyn Carlson is to this day the only choreographer to have won a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, in 2006, for the whole of her work. Founder of the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson at La Cartoucherie in 1999, she was, from 2004 to 2013, director of the Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais and associate artist at the Théâtre National de Chaillot until 2016.

For the record, the Franco-American choreographer Carolyn Carlson, 77, was elected on December 2, 2020 to the Academy of Fine Arts, joining her colleagues Blanca Li and Angelin Preljocaj, announced the institution, one of the academies comprising the Institute of France.

“Carolyn Carlson has played a key role in the blossoming of French and Italian contemporary dance with the Groupe de Recherches Théâtrales de l’Opéra de Paris and the Teatrodanza at La Fenice,” the Académie des beaux-arts said.

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El Salto, Jesús Carmona

In Production – Available for prebuy

Genre: Choreography, Flamenco
Format: HD

JESUS CARMONA, choreographer and principal dancer of the Spanish National Ballet for many years, has won the National Dance Award 2020 with his latest creation El Salto. Co-produced with Sadlers Wells Theatre in London, the Flamenco Biennial in Seville and the Flamenco Festival, this flamenco show is the result of elaborate and in-depth work during three artistic residencies held between March and July 2019 in New York, Miami, London and Madrid, on the theme of “gender in movement”.

“The conception of this show stems from the personal fact that made me question the relationship to masculinity in the 21st century, both from men and women. In the search for answers, I understood more deeply every day what kind of society we live in and what we can do to improve it, because some of the simpler or daily attitudes are perhaps those that need a change. I wanted to stage this personal growth with the thought that art opens the soul to a space of understanding, and with the hope of moving or opening the eyes of the most reluctant viewer to the theme suggested by the show.”
Jesus Carmona

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Piaf Symphonique with Isabelle Boulay and Nobuyuki Nakajima

In Production – Available for prebuy

Genre: Classical Music & French Folk
Director: Gil Marsalla
Format: HD

For the first time, Isabelle Boulay interprets the greatest songs of the world icon Edith Piaf accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra on original arrangements by Nobuyuki Nakajima.

Piaf Symphonique will perform in the greatest classical halls with the greatest symphonic ensembles in the world, thus contributing to the preservation of this French musical heritage that the whole world envies and that we have made a point of defending.

The public will hear one of the most beautiful voices, that of Isabelle Boulay, in a repertoire that she masters to perfection.

The arrangements for the symphony orchestra were specially written by one of the most gifted musicians of his generation, Nobuyuki Nakajima, who recently produced the sumptuous Gainsbourg Symphonic.

Piaf Symphonique is the meeting of great music and popular music as a universal language that links us all…

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Placido Domingo with Jennifer Rowley and the Royal Opera Orchestra conducted by Laurent Campellone

In Production
Program: Verdi, Giordano, Massenet, Lehar….
Plácido Domingo: Baritone
Jennifer Rowley: Soprano
Royal Opera Orchestra
Laurent Campellone: Director

Genre: Classical Music
Duration: 85′
Format: HD

In the history of opera, Plácido Domingo occupies a special place and has done so for six decades. The eighty-year-old Madrid native has more than 150 roles in his repertoire, a hundred recordings of complete operas, and thousands of performances to rapt audiences. Today, this lion of the stage still wants to fully inhabit it, by offering a Gala worthy of the admiration that the French public has for him.

The program features masterpieces from the great opera repertoire, with a particular interest in French music, which Plácido Domingo sings with happiness and relish. Accompanied by the Royal Opera Orchestra under the direction of the brilliant Laurent Campellone, and in duet with the soprano Jennifer Rowley, Plácido Domingo arrives at Versailles as a true living legend of opera for an unforgettable evening.

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Red Waters by Keren Ann Zeidel & Barði Jóhannsson

Enchantment, fairytale, melancholy, the duo Lady & Bird, formed by Keren Ann Zeidel and Barði Jóhannsson, composed in complicity with Sjón, (Icelandic poet, novelist and lyricist of Björk), Red Waters. A melancholic opera and fantastic tale that imagines a story between norm and transgression, whisper and exuberance.

Red Waters brings together an international artistic team: Arthur Nauzyciel as director, Damien Jalet as choreographer, Riccardo Hernández as set designer, Scott Zielinski as lighting designer, Gaspard Yurkievich as costume designer, Nicolas Agullo as conductor of the Orchestre National de Bretagne, and Marie Darrieussecq as French librettist.

 Genre: Opera
Duration: 80′
Format: HD

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