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Bâtiment B 2022 collection

In production, available for pre-buy.

The rapper Prince Waly makes his entrance in the Bâtiment B alongside Oxmo Puccino.

Three years after the release of the powerful EP “BO YZ”, the MC from Montreuil signs a smashing return this year with his track “Walygator”. Through his old school universe and his charismatic flow, Prince Waly proves that he is ready to reign on the French rap scene. See you in the hall of Bâtiment B to discover him live!

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap
Duration: 48′
Format: HD

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Pink Martini & China Forbes

In production, available for pre-buy.

Pink Martini is a twelve-piece American band from Portland characterized by a musical style mixing retro influences, jazz, Latin music, lounge, classical, as well as lyrics sung in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Persian and even Arabic, Hebrew, Neapolitan, Croatian, Mandarin, Romanian, Modern Greek, Armenian, Turkish and German.

Genre: Jazz, Latin, Classical
Director: Stéphane Lebard
Duration: 90′
Format: HD

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The Angel of Fire by Sergueï Prokofiev

In production, available for prebuy

In his opera The Angel of Fire, Serguei Prokofiev was inspired by Valery Bryusov’s novel published in 1907. In it, the young student Rupprecht tells of his meeting with a mysterious girl, Renata, and how the Devil appeared to him in disguise as an angel of light, seduced her and lost her, how he and she engaged in sacrilegious magical practices, how he witnessed the Sabbath, a collective possession of nuns, and the ensuing Inquisition trial, and how he met the illustrious Faust and Mephistopheles…

A violent and fatal love story, worthy of Elizabethan theater, a passionate and spiritual adventure, which Serge Prokofiev makes into an opera full of lyrical force and nightmarish din.

Calixto Bieito’s staging transposes the story to the present day, to the ordinary life of a young innocent woman who is nevertheless going to live in the burning of fantasy and violence. By this actualization, the irrational part of the story of the novel fades, to make this adventure, even more urgent, corrosive, destructive, that of a modern journey, interior and devastating.

Renata : Ausrine Stundyte
Ruprecht : Leigh Melrose
Agrippa von Nettesheim : Dmitry golovnin
Mefistófeles / La Madre Superiora : Vidente I Agnieszka
El Inquisidor : rehlis Mika Kares
Posadera : Nino Surguladze
Fausto Ier : Dmitri Oulianov
Jackob Glock / Docteur : Josep Fadò
Mathias / Posadero : Gerardo Bullón
El Conde Heinrich : El Padre I Ernst Alisch
Serveur : David Lagare 

Genre: Opera
Director: Isabelle Julien
Language: Russian
Duration: 128′
Format: HD

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Another Place by Mats Ek

In production, available for prebuy

Echoing the mythical duet of Ana Laguna and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Place performed at the Stockholm Drama Theatre in 2009, Mats Ek composed Another Place at the Paris Opera ten years later.

A couple gravitates around a simple table and a carpet. Love, its impulses, its exhaustion, time, wear and tear, the attempt of a new approach between a man and a woman, their anguish, vulnerability, madness…, everything is played out carnally, straightforwardly, with humor and harshness in the immensity of a bare and entirely uncluttered stage, on the uninterrupted thread of Franz Liszt’s Sonata in B minor, written in one piece. A dialogue of couple only the Swedish choreographer knows how to portray.

During the performances at the Opéra Garnier, Mats Ek’s Pas de Deux will be preceded by his ballet Carmen, and followed by Bolero, a free and poetic creation based on Maurice Ravel’s iconic piece.

This duet will be danced by the stars Ludmila Pagliero and Stéphane Bullion, who will bid farewell to the Paris Opera Ballet on June 4 with this duet.

Genre: Choreography
Director: Tommy Pascal
Duration: 54′
Format: HD

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A tour of France’s soccer stadiums and clubs told by well-known current artists such as Kid Francescoli, Laetitia Shériff, Benjamin Biolay.

Halfway between music and soccer, documentary and performance, it is a unique and particularly original format. The production team and the director are unconditional soccer fans, and they propose a convincing parallel between soccer and music, whose link is very real. The fervor of the games and concerts, the jubilation of the public, the sharing, the emotions…

Genre: Documentary / Live Show
Duration: 10 x 26′
Format: HD

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Eastwood Symphonic


Eastwood Symphonic is a tribute from a son to his father.

Halfway between music and cinema, this binary program will combine an extraordinary musical performance with previously unseen interviews with Kyle and Clint Eastwood.

This musical road movie will begin with a rich and moving rendition of the original soundtracks associated with Clint Eastwood’s masterpieces, performed by Kyle, his Quintet, and the Lyon Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Gast Waltzing. This will be followed by a conversation between father and son at Clint’s ranch, to better understand the bridges and crossroads between the actor/musician (Clint) and the musician/actor (Kyle).

Genre: Documentary
Director: Fabien Raymond
Duration: 75′
Format: HD

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