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Yo Carmen by Maria Pages at La Maestranza Theatre in 4K – Looking for International Presales

María Pagés embarks us on a genuinely feminine adventure, in ten pictures, made up of eight dancers –both female and male– and seven musicians, both classical and Flamenco, playing live.

In “I, Carmen”, a woman opens up her emotions and intelligence, as if it were a fan. This is a potent narrative: she uses solos and choral choreographies stitched together in an artisan fashion, so giving expression to her wisdom and her contradictions, her loves and heart- breaks, her strength and weakness, her insecurity and dissatisfaction, her loneliness, her sensuality and her unattained gender equality, her maternity.

A female voice verbalizing a rebellion against the abuse of women, dependencies – a result of ancestral submission to social canons – traditions, religions, or against new beliefs, such as fashion, publicity or even freedom itself.

The great link between the heritage of the flamenco masters and its current avant-garde has a face: that of María Pagés. Since the early 2000s, the Seville-born dancer has established herself on the international scene as the grande dame of contemporary flamenco, as much for her impressive technique and poetic universe as for her desire for new experiences or her ability to take the deepest roots of flamenco to the shores of contemporary dance, Arab-Andalusian rhythms, Andalusian culture or the great literary myths. Alone, she has danced on all the stages of the world and in the biggest festivals, from Paris to Berlin, from Tokyo to New York, from Cairo to Toronto and from Moscow to Sydney. She has also shared the stage with Michael Baryshnikov and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and participated in the film Flamenco by Carlos Saura. Few flamenco artists have achieved such unanimous international recognition, both from the general public and the critics. One of the reasons for this success certainly lies in the spirit of María Pagés’ shows. Like few artists, she knows how to offer shows of rare refinement and exigency, adding to the essence of flamenco a contemporary dramaturgical content. Nevertheless, her shows remain luminous, easy to access, centered on the strength of dance and the extraordinary personality of María Pagés.

Dossier available upon request

Genre: Dance, Flamenco
Shooting date: December 29, 2020
Duration: approx. 75′
Format: 4K, HD

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Fatoumata Diawara Live at Jazz à la Villette in 4K

Having become in less than ten years one of the great voices of modern Africa, the Malian singer, author and composer Fatoumata Diawara radiates a communicative energy on stage.
If Fatoumata Diawara first became known through her work as an actress, she has become – in a little over ten years – one of the most important voices of modern Africa. Through her collaborations, first of all, which draw the map of a world curious about traditions but determined to root them in the present and even the future. We have seen her alongside Mulatu Astatké, Oumou Sangaré, Hindi Zahra (in 2017 at Jazz à la Villette), Herbie Hancock, Matthieu Chédid or Damon Albarn, with his projects Gorillaz or Rocket Juice and the Moon. Above all, with her two albums, and notably her recent Fenfo in 2018, she combines with great fluidity the sounds of traditional instruments (kora, kamalé n’goni) with a modern approach to production, through songs interpreted in Bambara, which look towards the blues as well as funk or Afro-pop.


Genre: Jazz, World
Shooting date: September 13, 2020
Director: Giuseppe De Vecchi
Duration: 75′
Format: 4K, HD

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Ibrahim Maalouf Live in the Arena of Nîmes, in 4K

Born in Beirut in 1980, Ibrahim Maalouf is rewarded in France with 4 “Victoires de la Musique”, a “César” and a “Prix Lumières” for best film music in 2016. In Germany, he received an “Echo Jazz”.
His work of mixing genres has been recognized around the world for more than 10 years.
Filling the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, doing sold-out concerts at the Lincon Jazz Center in New York, and traveling through more than 40 countries around the world in the last 10 years, he became the first jazzman in history to fill the largest concert hall in France, at Bercy, selling out more than 8 months in advance.
Qualified as a “virtuoso” by the New York Times, he performed in an exceptional concert in collaboration with The New Levant Initiative, at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, for the world premiere of his album “Levantine Symphony No.1”.

In September 2020, Ibrahim Maalouf will exclusively offer the music from his next album – to be released next November – during an exceptional concert behind the closed doors of the Arena of Nîmes. He returns to the elementary form of the duo, with the guitarist who has accompanied him for over 10 years, François Delporte. The exercise is perilous. No rhythm section, no orchestra, no electronic effects: just the elementary conversation of two melodic lines for an intimate concert in an immense space.

A few guests will join the duo…

This performance is a rendezvous with history: the Arenas of Nîmes, built at the end of the 1st century AD, are one of the best preserved Roman constructions in the world. To walk in these arenas is to walk in 1900 years of history, to breathe the air of another civilization.


Genre: Jazz, Pop, World
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 75′
Format: 4K, HD

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