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Catherine Ringer sings the Rita Mitsouko in 4K

In a unique concert for the 2020 virtual edition of the We Love Green festival, Catherine Ringer sings the Rita Mitsouko, without an audience, but for the pleasure of all, at the Parc Floral de Paris.

Genre: Pop/Rock
Director: Gautier & Leduc
Duration: 55′
Format: 4K, HD

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The Amazing Keystone Big Band “We Love Ella” at Salle Pleyel, Paris 2019

The 17 musicians of The Amazing Keystone Big Band, led by Bastien Ballaz, Jon Boutellier, Fred Nardin and David Enhco continue their adventure to bring jazz in all its expressions to young and adult audiences.
Nominated at the Victoires de la Musique in the category “Best Jazz Orchestra”, they return this time with We Love Ella, a project centered on the legendary personality of Ella Fitzgerald, in which they reinvent in their own way the singer’s greatest hits.

Genre: Jazz
Director: Laurent Hasse
Duration: 91′
Format: HD

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El Squad and Géométrie Variable at the Golden Stage Tour 2019

Since 2015, the Golden Stage Tour has been challenging a few crews and hip hop groups on stage, betting on the discovery and emergence of international talent. The theme of the 2019 edition: futurism.

El Squad, from Japan, was created in 2012 by Yokoi, an emblematic dancer in Japan. Very visual, it plays on illusions. Everything is actually played out in the dark. The only thing visible are fluorescent colored lines on the artists’ costumes, which draw new cartoon characters and a whole imaginary universe. The effect is undeniably successful.

Created in 2017, Géométrie Variable is a troupe of five young French hip hop dancers. And the eponymous piece they present goes straight to the point: 20 minutes of well written, precised and accurate to the millimeter. With black costumes and no set, there is no artifice in Géométrie Variable. What counts is the gesture and its effectiveness. And the result is astonishing.

Genre: Dance/Pop
Director: Luc Riolon
Duration: 47′ and 22′ (combined program of 69′ available)
Format: HD

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Marcus Miller Live at Jazz à la Villette 2019

After an album orientated towards the African continent and the Caribbean, Afrodeezia, Marcus Miller came back to us last spring with Laid Black, a record for the Blue Note label, that sat between the purest tradition of his style (the one that shaped Miles Davis’ Tutu) and very eclectic collaborations (with trap, R&B and gospel accents) alongside Trombone Shorty, Selah Sue and the vocal group, Take 6.

A living monument of electric jazz, Marcus Miller has left his mark on the history of modern music with a bass sound that is eminantly recognizable, and a slapping technique that has taken the instrument to new horizons. From Bill Withers to Aretha Franklin, Brian Ferry to Luther Vandross, he has established himself in his 40-year career as one of the most prestigious producers and composers in the world.

Genre: Jazz
Director: David Unger
Duration: 62 or 90 minutes
Format: HD, 4K

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Scenes from a Ferry by Alexander Ekman 2017

”We were seen as the perfect couple. No complications. Won’t you miss never to sleep with anyone but me? I am pregnant. What shall we do now? Do you want a divorce? I don’t know. I am totally confused.”

The internationally acclaimed Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman creates creates an experimental and improvised choreographic installation with movements, and a dialogue based on Ingmar Bergman’s praised TV- series from 1973 ’Scenes from a marriage’. The TV-series was broadcasted all over the world and created debate and controversy as it, based on Bergman’s own experiences, in an unusually frank manner exposed psychological tensions in a marriage.

The performance has never been rehearsed. The dancers only got brief instructions and some codes to follow. Alexander Ekman dances together with dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet.

The Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson has written most of the music in the flm and accompanies and improvises himself on a piano based on Ekman’s ideas and instructions.

Ingmar Bergman’s son Ingmar Bergman jr is executive producer, together with Marie-Louise Sid-Sylwander, rehearsal director at the Royal Swedish Ballet.

The installation was flmed during its first performance at the ‘Bergman Week’ festival in Fårö, Sweden.

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Brad Mehldau “Three Pieces After Bach” live at the Philharmonie de Paris 2018

Brad Mehldau is one of the most influential jazz musicians of the last twenty years. For this exceptional program, he takes Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier as a starting point to inspire his compositions.

By committing to Three Pieces After Bach, a project created at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2015, Brad Mehldau was immediately clear in his approach: “It’s not a question here of doing jazzy Bach. I have nothing against that, but my program only includes works by Johann Sebastian Bach or my own music.” Even if the influence of classical music – and that of Bach in particular – has always been big for many jazz musicians, what Brad Mehldau is proposing here is quite novel. The American pianist has always grasped his art without blinders on, and with unfailing intellectual rigor, whether playing his own composition or a jazz standard, or even a Radiohead pop theme. Three Pieces After Bach is first and foremost his personal way of taking on Bach’s heritage on virgin paths. From the Modern Jazz Quartet to Jacques Loussier via Joachim Kühn and, more recently, Dan Tepfer, the history of jazz is full of experiments around the Cantor of Leipzig, but the one that Mehldau offers is unlike any other.

Genre: Jazz / Classical music concert
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 75 minutes
Format: HD

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