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Epica Live at Hellfest 2022

Epica Live at Hellfest 2022

Epica returns to Hellfest to present Omega, a new album infused with their inimitable blend of heavy metal and symphonic elements.

Epica is a band born in the Netherlands in the early 2000s. Led by Simone Simons, a sort of modern day Celtic goddess, the band has no equal in combining symphonic metal, gothic metal and progressive metal. It is impossible to mention these different styles without thinking of the six Dutchmen. Epica is close to the equally cult Within Temptation and Nightwish, but they are different because of their more pronounced love for metal.

A band with a particularly well chosen name, Epica transports us with each song into a new magical universe where mystical epics, majestic landscapes, heroes in armor and demonic creatures are revealed. Particularly evocative and cinematographic, the music of Simone Simons and her bandmates has the strange power to turn concert halls into haunted castles, festivals into battlefields.

From The Phantom Agony (2003) to Omega (2021), each Epica album is as much an event as a discovery. Often, fiery riffs and martial drums, embellished with deliciously grandiloquent symphonic touches.

Genre: Metal
Director: Gautier & Leduc
Duration: 60′
Format: HD

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