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Piaf Symphonique with Isabelle Boulay and Nobuyuki Nakajima

Piaf Symphonique with Isabelle Boulay and Nobuyuki Nakajima

In Production – Available for prebuy

For the first time, Isabelle Boulay interprets the greatest songs of the world icon Edith Piaf accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra on original arrangements by Nobuyuki Nakajima.

Piaf Symphonique will perform in the greatest classical halls with the greatest symphonic ensembles in the world, thus contributing to the preservation of this French musical heritage that the whole world envies and that we have made a point of defending.

The public will hear one of the most beautiful voices, that of Isabelle Boulay, in a repertoire that she masters to perfection.

The arrangements for the symphony orchestra were specially written by one of the most gifted musicians of his generation, Nobuyuki Nakajima, who recently produced the sumptuous Gainsbourg Symphonic.

Piaf Symphonique is the meeting of great music and popular music as a universal language that links us all…

Genre: French Folk
Director: Gil Marsalla
Format: HD

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