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Chucho Vadés & La Creación

Chucho Vadés & La Creación


As energetic and inspired as ever, Chucho Valdés presents La Creación, an epic work that traces the emergence of Yoruba culture in the Caribbean. Flamboyant and vibrant, this Afro-Cuban oratorio is preceded by a solo concert by Valdés on piano.


Navigating for fifty years at the effervescent confluence of several musical sources, in the wake of his illustrious father Bebo Valdés, also a pianist and composer, Chucho Valdés embodies in particular the fusion between Cuba and Africa. This incandescent fusion is now celebrated in La Creación, a large-scale work composed and directed by Valdés, in which his piano, drums, double bass, bata drums, a Creole choir and a gleaming big band come together. Relating the emergence of the Yoruba culture (from West Africa) in the Caribbean, this intensely mixed oratorio is also a fervent ode to freedom. A rare solo piano concert by Chucho Valdés completes the evening.

Genre: Global Music
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 75′
Format: HD

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