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Alice and other Wonders & Alice goes through the Mirror

Alice and other Wonders & Alice goes through the Mirror

Genre: Theater Play
Location: Théâtre de la Ville, Paris
Duration: 2×78′
TV Direction: Isabelle Julien

Auditorium Films presents Lewis Carroll’s famous plays: Alice and other Wonders & Alice goes through the Mirror

Alice and other Wonders
“Oh my goodness! Everything is weird today! Yesterday things were normal. Maybe I was changed during the night? Alice returns to surprise and intrigue us, to reopen the strange landscapes and worlds that arise during her adventure. A limitless adventurer, Alice is a child at the threshold of adolescence, capable of going back and forth between these two ages of life. The incredible story of her adventures continues to amaze adults and children, researchers and scholars, for more than 150 years through all eras. Without doubt, one could even prove that the more time passes, the more sciences progress, the more technologies upset our relationship to time and space, the more these adventures seem familiar and plausible to us.” Fabrice Melquiot.

Alice goes through the Mirror
“In the continuation of the adventures, the other side of the mirror is a little more disturbing than Wonderland. Alice finds the same White and Red Queens, even stranger, chatting with living flowers and a big egg-headed Humpty-Dumpty, who claims that even the meaning and shape of words are relative. In this strange world, everything goes wrong: time, memory, distances, up, down, real and virtual. Alice flies weightless in a staircase image and meets heroines who could be her descendants: Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, Zazie the Queneau kid, and Rose, a girl of today. By the way, who is in whose dream?” Odile Quirot


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