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The Fly by Valérie Lesort and Christian Hecq

The Fly by Valérie Lesort and Christian Hecq

In production – available for coproduction and prebuy
Genre: Theater Play

In the 1960s, in the heart of a village, Robert lives with his mother Odette.
In his fifties, bald and paunchy, Robert spends most of his time locked up in the garage where he is trying to develop the teleportation machine. We witness the daily life of this strange couple, punctuated by more or less successful teleportation experiments.
As in Cronenberg’s film, based on George Langelaan’s short story, Robert tries to teleport himself, but a fly slipped into the machine, and the apprentice scientist is gradually transformed into a giant insect. His physical and mental transformations are reminiscent of those of Gregor in Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Robert will dehumanize himself little by little to become a beast capable of climbing the wall, driven by an insatiable search for food.

Body work, special effects, aesthetics of the time of the beginnings of computer science, La Mouche is a laboratory of scenic and visual experiments, an extraordinary playground.

Freely inspired by the short story by George Langelaan
Adapted and directed by Valérie Lesort and Christian Hecq
Robert: Christian Hecq, member of the Comédie-Française
Marie-Pierre : Valérie Lesort
Odette : Christine Murillo
Inspector Langelaan : Jan Hammenecker

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