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The Perfect American at Teatro Real, Madrid 2013

The Perfect American at Teatro Real, Madrid 2013

Music by Philip Glass (1937)
Libretto by Rudy Wurlitzer, based on the novel Der König von Amerika by Peter Stephan Jungk

Accused of racism and antisemitism, Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966) was the creator of the world’s largest animation studio, whose films have achieved universal fame.

The creatures of the Disney factory are animals which are systematically anthropomorphised, their human dimension contributed decisively to the image of the anodyne ‘American Dream’ in the interwar period.

Philip Glass has composed 24 operas and is one of the creators of American minimalism, together with La Monte Young, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Over time, he gradually distanced himself from this aesthetic in search of simpler writing and a less complex form. The pulsing music of Glass, with its strong and insistent rhythms, has obvious correlations to rock and pop.

The encounter between Glass and Disney seemed inevitable: both are American creators who represent the best of their respective aesthetics.

Genre: Opera
Director: Philip Glass
Duration: 111 min
Format: HD

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