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Capriccio at Teatro Real, Madrid 2019

Capriccio at Teatro Real, Madrid 2019

Music by Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Libretto by Joseph Gregor, Richard Strauss and Clemens Krauss, after the original idea by Stefan Zweig.

The historic debate regarding the relative importance that words should have in opera with respect to the music constituted a source of fascination for Richard Strauss throughout his life.

In Capriccio, he delves deeper in this topic, using an exceptional libretto, fruit of a suggestion from his dear Stefan Zweig, who found a brief comedy in the British Library which served as inspiration for that which would be the last opera of the German composer; a comedy, which incidentally had already served as inspiration for Antonio Salieri.

From this point a plot arose, full of irony, featuring a Countess –symbol of art- whose affection were found to be divided between two suitors, a poet and a composer. Who should she choose?

Genre: Opera Konversationsstück für Musik in one act
Conductor : Richard Strauss
Duration: 147′
Format: HD

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