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Carolyn Carlson, Dare to risk – available for coproduction

Carolyn Carlson, Dare to risk – available for coproduction

In production – available for coproduction and prebuy
Genre: Choreography / Documentary

Duration: 52′

Can be paired with a tribute performance to Carolyn Carlson.

Carolyn Carlson today finds herself at a major turning point in her career. Damian Pettigrew has succeeded in filming her on a daily basis over the past nine years. Today, this ambitious project presents the rare opportunity to make a film that retraces her life and work.

The documentary is a chronicle of the creative process: the great choreographer gives us unprecedented access to her work, her projects in process and her personal archives. The carefully selected archival images covering the past forty years reveal the influence her life has had on the complex, imaginative pieces she has created. With a mixture of intimate rehearsal sequences and numerous dazzling dance sequences, the film offers a critical perspective on an extraordinary career in order to provide the viewer with a better understanding of this multi-faceted woman.

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