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Rymden 2019 in 4K

Rymden 2019 in 4K

Rymden brings together three major spirits of jazz in Europe: Bugge Wesseltoft, Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström. Scandinavian jazz is in the spotlight in this trio of figures from the history of European jazz. Figures grouped together within the Rymdem project, a name far from being chosen at random, meaning “space” in Swedish. This is how the trio escapes beyond the boundaries of sound in their album “Reflections & Odysseys”. An opus that represents a real exploration of the jazz field in search of new musical territories. Wesseltoft guides us through bewitching melodies on the piano, while his companions Berglund and Öström move us with a daring rhythm section. 

Genre: Jazz
Filmed by Samuel Thiebaut
Location: Tourcoing Jazz Festival
Duration: 60′
Format: HD / 4K

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