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Richard Galliano three ways… in 4K

Richard Galliano three ways… in 4K

Fifty years of career, that’s something to celebrate! To celebrate his jubilee, we present 3 concerts with accordionist and composer Richard Galliano and special guests:

Richard Galliano with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra to perform a Piazzolla concerto (centennial anniversary) and then one of his own creations.

The concert of two mastodons of contemporary jazz: Ron Carter and Richard Galliano. An exceptional duo to listen to again and again. Strings and wind, Old and New World… it’s a beautiful duo at the Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa festival.

Richard Galliano solo for an intimate concert

Genre: Jazz
Filmed by Samuel Thiebaut
Location:Lotos Jazz Festival
Duration: 3×50′
Format: HD & 4K

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