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Maestro with Paavo Järvi

Maestro with Paavo Järvi

Starring: Paavo Järvi, Joshua Bell, Hilary Hahn, Lang Lang, Pekka Kuusisto, Robert Greene

Maestro is an intimate, unprecedented glimpse into the life of a renowned conductor and a vibrant, contemporary portrait of the world of classical music. For a period spanning two years, a film crew follows Grammy award-winning conductor Paavo Järvi and an array of brilliant musicians across the globe. The resulting footage captures the pressures of self-expression, the rush of performance, and above all, the power of a universal language.

Shooting locations : Turin, Estonia; Parnu, Estonia; Cincinnati, Ohio; Tokyo, Japan; Philadelphia, PA; New York, New York; Paris, France; Bremen, Germany; Berlin, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; Tallin, Estonia.

Genre: Classical Music / Documentary
Director: David Donnelly
Duration: 62 minutes
Year: 2015
Format: HD

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