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Chotto Desh / Akram Khan 2017

Chotto Desh / Akram Khan 2017

Choreographer Akram Khan, known for his successful choreographies and collaborations with Peter Brook, Juliette Binoche and Sylvie Guillem, presents a choreographic jewel that will delight young and old alike.
In 2013, Akram Khan signed DESH, an acclaimed solo all over the world. With the help of the director Sue Buckmaster, he proposes a new version for the young audience entitled Chotto Desh. Akram Khan, born in Great Britain but whose parents are from Bangladesh, summons his childhood memories and the journey that led him into adulthood. An initiatory and epic narrative that speaks of life in a society where very different cultures coexist.
This tale full of inventiveness mixes kathak traditional dance and more contemporary movements. Chotto Desh is a fairy-tale show: the dancer climbs to the treetops, has fun with an elephant and butterflies, sails on wonderful boats… A show that mixes with talent the dance, video, text and sounds…

Genre: Dance
Director: Luc Riolon
Duration 60 minutes
Format: HD

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