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“More than Jazz” – Montreux Jazz Festival 50th anniversary

“More than Jazz” – Montreux Jazz Festival 50th anniversary

A documentary film that features the incredible archives of the Montreux Jazz Festival, in recognition of its contribution to a half century of modern popular music. Every year for 50 years, with a requirement, a curiosity, a madness constantly renewed, the Montreux Jazz Festival transforms a peaceful and quiet city into a vibrant temple of music.
By refusing from the start to merely confine itself to jazz, absorbing every year more genres, cumulating prestigious guests, and especially filming all the concerts since its inception, it has become the mirror and actor of a certain history of modern music, where it comes every year to reveal itself.
Why is this festival more important than the others? By interviewing its key players, by rummaging and staging these incredible archives, we underline its uniqueness, and show its essential role in a much larger story than itself, still moving today.

Genre: Documentary / Jazz
Director: Guillaume Delaperriere
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: HD

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